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Baymax! Has Fans
All Saying The
Same Thing
2014’s “Big Hero 6” introduced Baymax, an inflatable medical robot who quickly became a fan favorite due to his many fun and sweet moments. In fact, he was so beloved that he got his own Disney+ series “Baymax!”, and most viewers have been saying the same thing about it since it started streaming on June 29, 2022
Overall, audiences have showered “Baymax!” with appreciation — not just because of its lovely animation and digestible stories, but also because it showcases things that most other child-centric pieces of media tend to overlook. For instance, it doesn't shy away from exploring the topic of menstruation, and it also represents members of the LGBTQIA+ community.
While "Baymax!" doesn't necessarily break any new ground from a presentation or storytelling standpoint, the decision of the minds behind it to go into important territory that kid-oriented shows rarely touch is admirable. With that, one has to wonder if a Season 2 is in the cards, or even a "Big Hero 6" sequel.