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Marvel has announced the primary lineup for the upcoming film "Thunderbolts," which includes Alexei Alanovich Shostakov (David Harbour), aka the Red Guardian, a character who was introduced to the world in "Black Widow.” Harbour is thrilled about his return but there was one promise made by Disney and Marvel that really got him “psyched."
According to Harbour, he was promised a new and improved Red Guardian costume. The actor noted, “You watch Captain America, and you see him in all of these different movies, and you see him [...] the white star and the black star [...] I just want a full closet's worth of suits, and I'm well on my way."
It's funny that Harbour references the different suits worn by Captain America because his character is equally enthralled by Steve Rogers. But it's hard to blame Harbour for using Rogers' wardrobe as the golden standard since the MCU gave Captain America a different costume in every single movie.