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Did Keanu
Reeves Really
Skydive In
Point Break?
It's hard to believe 30 years have passed since "Point Break" was released but the movie’s hunky leading men and stunning action sequences still stand the test of time. However, fans of the movie have continued to wonder whether or not Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Utah actually jumped out of that plane without a parachute.
The ins and outs of that skydiving scene were recently explored in extraordinary detail by Film School Rejects. They found out that Reeves didn't do any real skydiving for "Point Break” because the pulse-pounding scene was executed with a mix of stunt work and closer-to-the-ground crane work.
That setup created a truly stunning effect, but it doesn't explain how the film accomplished one of the scene's most memorable moments, the one where Swayze's Bodhi jumps backward out of a plane with a hearty, "Adios, Amigo!" Turns out, in preparation for his role, Swayze was bitten by the skydiving bug and actually performed that daring jump himself.