Did Disney+ Censor Some Scenes In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier?


"Falcon and the Winter Soldier" kicked off its six-episode run in March of 2021, following Sam "Falcon" Wilson and Bucky "Winter Soldier" Barnes. The two must contend with the U.S. government's ill-suited candidate to become the new Captain America and simultaneously handle a Super Soldier Serum-fueled extremist group.

As pointed out by Redditor MooninMoulin, Disney+ may have scrubbed a sequence in which Bucky throws a pipe through the shoulder of an attacker, as they noticed in a recent rewatch that the bar simply bounces off of her. Redditor Arkham4321 mentions that another moment, focused on the corpse of Dr. Wilfred Nagel, may have undergone some edits too.

Some have suggested that with the addition of the more graphic Netflix Marvel shows, Disney is seeking to clean up scenes from past MCU entries to make them appropriate for TV-14 accounts. However, at the time of this writing, neither Marvel Studios nor Disney+ has addressed the issue.