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Diablo Immortal:
How To Find And
Kill The Blood
Rose Boss
Though the game is clearly far from perfect, "Diablo Immortal" has been applauded for how much it feels like a main series "Diablo" game, even though mobile changes things up quite a bit. One of the most thrilling parts of the game is hunting down bosses, including the illustrious Blood Rose boss.
For the battle with the Blood Rose itself, it's important that players prepare for the long-haul two-stage fight. The first stage is manageable, and the key is dodging the Blood Rose's various attacks, including an arc of blood she spurts out, as well as bloody and sharp projectiles.
In her final phase, the Blood Rose adds Dark Creeper vines into the mix, making it harder to get close to her, and her fiercest attack involves draining the player's health if they're in a particular area. The best bet is to avoid this area of attack and combine strategic dodges, close-range attacks, and an awareness of her patterns to defeat Blood Rose.