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Diablo Immortal:
How To Find
And Farm
Aspirant's Keys
In the Sanctum Depths, players can find a number of locked chests that require special keys to open and each chest contains gemstones that can be used to upgrade the Horadrim vessels once they are placed in the shrine within Iben Fahd's Sanctum. Players need hundreds of Aspirant's Keys to unlock all of them and it's best to stock up on them so you won’t be a grind getting them later.
The first thing most gamers will want to do once they have unlocked the Legacy of the Horadrim questline is to hunt down all of the vessels. Players need to collect these and place them in the shrine to spend the gemstones they will get from the chests anyway. Several of the keys can be found along the way too, so it makes sense to get as many of them as possible through this method first.
When it comes to farming the keys, the best places to do this are in the PvE Raids and the PvP Battleground, so it's really up to the player to decide whether they would prefer to battle other users or computer-controlled mobs and bosses. Players need to collect a total of 377 Aspirant's Keys to open all 21 treasure chests and they will be rewarded with 573 Garnets, 579 Sapphires, and 677 Beryl.