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“Man on Fire” was a success in terms of box office earnings, but a lot of movie critics were underwhelmed and unimpacted by the action film. Although Washington’s performance wasn’t bad, the script he was given to work with made this a lackluster project.
Man On Fire (Worst)
Reinventing such a classic Shakespeare tale is no easy feat, but Washington dazzled in his role as Macbeth. Great writing in combination with his great acting earned him an Academy Award for “The Tragedy of Macbeth.”
Macbeth (Best)
Washington’s talents are best suited for roles with emotional substance, which “Safe House” severely lacked. The action film was incredibly average, giving audiences a predictable script that failed to highlight Washington’s skill as a performer.
Safe House (Worst)
Washington played a World War II veteran in this noir film, which was inspired by a series of detective novels written by Walter Mosley. It’s rare that a film matches the quality of its novelistic origins, but the incredible screenplay was a perfect complement to Washington’s superb acting.
Devil In A Blue Dress (Best)
Washington was joined by other amazing actors in “The Little Things,” and he gave a stellar performance, as always. However, “The Little Things” struggled to meet its potential when it fumbled the ending and left viewers feeling unsatisfied
The Little Things (Worst)