Homer, AK USA - May 24, 2016: A general view of the 113-foot fishing vessel Time Bandit on May 24, 2016 at the Homer Marine Repair Facility in Homer, Alaska.
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Deadliest Catch's
James Gallagher
Reveals The Truth
About Loyalty
In The Industry
If you’re a fan of “Deadliest Catch,” you’re familiar with the high-stakes, life-threatening hazards that come with the job. However, you probably didn’t know that along with being one of the most dangerous jobs out there, crabbing is a cutthroat industry, and according to James Gallagher, loyalty doesn’t get you very far.
James Gallagher, the engineer for the Lady Alaska, joined “Deadliest Catch” back in 2020, but he has quickly become a fan favorite and has engaged with fans outside of the show. In a Q&A session on Reddit, Gallagher fielded questions from fans, one of whom asked him to share advice for those who wanted to enter the maritime industry.
Gallagher offered an unexpected response, saying “There is zero loyalty in this industry and the only people who you can trust to look out for you are your brothers on deck and yourself. Boat owners and skippers only see us as numbers, we’re all replaceable. You have to treat your employers the same way.”