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Rowe Was Freaked
Out On-Board
“Deadliest Catch” narrator Mike Rowe is such a staple of the show that viewers have even seen him chop it up with the show's captains on the supplemental series "After The Catch." Yet, believe it or not, Rowe has gone beyond just hanging out with captains in the studio — he once joined a crew for a complete crab-fishing experience, which completely freaked him out.
While keeping mum about the specific crew he joined, Rowe noted in an interview for GamerLive.TV that his first onboard experience had him working alongside everyone with the gigantic crab pots. The constant onset of humongous waves made an already tricky task dangerous, and the situation quickly introduced him to the crew’s brutal working conditions.
If he were hoping for any comforting words from the captain, Rowe would have been better off seeking solace elsewhere. As Rowe recounted, "He said, 'Son, I'm the captain of a crab boat. My job's not to get you home alive. My job is to get you home rich. You want to go home in one piece? That's on you.'" Those words only made Rowe more careful during his time at sea.