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Deadliest Catch
Fans Raise
Concern Over
A Missing
Safety Item
Viewers have, on occasion, questioned elements of "Deadliest Catch" that may seem sketchy and confusing. Such was the case in a particular online discussion about a potentially useful safety feature that seems to be missing entirely from the fishing operations featured throughout the series.
On the official subreddit for discussing "Deadliest Catch," one user started a thread asking commenters why seemingly none of the show's deck hands wear GPS trackers, whether attached to a survival suit or around their necks in lieu of built-in GPS. One response simply suggested that it’s in line with a general tendency of the crew to flaunt safety best practices.
Another Redditor concluded that "From an emergency/danger standpoint it doesn't make a ton of sense, but from a budget one, it unfortunately does.” In 2009, Captain Keith Colburn told LAist that cost can indeed limit what technologies are available to ship crews.