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Deadliest Catch Fans Got Heated
Over This Violent
Fight Between The Cast
Due to the incredible danger and stress that comes with their job, crew members on the popular reality television series "Deadliest Catch" can occasionally let their emotions boil over. Although there have been plenty of aggressive kerfuffles on the show, there seems to be one altercation that gets fans talking because of the way it shakes things up.
In one episode, Matt Bradley and Jake Anderson start fighting after arguing about the hydraulics, and Edgar Hansen (filling in for his brother Sig as captain) sends Anderson off the ship because Anderson threw the first punch. This fight had a massive impact on fans of the show, with some disapproving of Edgar’s actions and others holding Anderson responsible.
It turns out that after leaving the Northwestern, Jake Anderson eventually took command of the fishing vessel known as the Saga, and Matt Bradley came with him. It seems that the anger the two showed toward each other is born from deep respect — not only are the two close friends in real life, but Anderson has said that he couldn't have gotten sober without the help of Bradley.