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At the end of “Cobra Kai” Season 4, it’s revealed that Tory’s (Peyton List) victory against Sam (Mary Mouser) was bought by Cobra Kai's Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffin), so it seems likely that their rivalry is far from over. Some "Cobra Kai" fans theorize that Sam might put aside her differences with Tory and even join the eponymous dojo herself in Season 5.
The theory essentially states Sam would believe that Cobra Kai has been right all along — violence is the only answer — and would switch over to what she thinks is the correct side. Reddit user u/Furies03 explained, "She's growing dissatisfied with her father and his teachings, she's pissed her mom is 'siding' with Tory, both of her boys are likely on her s*** list."
As shocking as it might be to see Sam fully betray her father and join Cobra Kai, Mouser noted in an interview with Collider that Sam is in a complicated headspace following the end of Season 4. Despite how unlikely it might be for Sam to forsake her father's dojo, her dissatisfaction with Miyagi-Do might just lead her to switch sides.