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Chris Hemsworth
Suspicions About
Miles Teller's On
Set Behavior
Miles Teller's career is booming in 2022. Besides starring in “Top Gun: Maverick,” he also held his own in Netflix’s thriller "Spiderhead" alongside Chris Hemsworth, who recently spoke about Teller's behavior on set — something that's been a rather hot topic throughout the younger actor's time in Hollywood.
In an interview with Collider, Hemsworth had positive things to say about his "Spiderhead" co-star. He described Teller's sense of humor as something he greatly enjoyed while on set, and added, "He's a great collaborator. Incredibly talented, you know. Quite an intensity to him, too, but he can be vulnerable on a dime."
Hemsworth's interview certainly contradicts rumors that Teller is difficult to work with and has an abrasive personality. There were even reports that Teller harbored anti-vaccination beliefs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the actor himself has denied this; only time will tell if Hemsworth's goodwill WILL change the media's tune.