Jason Beghe in Chicago P.D.


Chicago PD: Jason Beghe Got His Distinctive Voice From A Near-Death Experience
Few TV cops fit the bill of a grizzled police officer as well as Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) from "Chicago P.D." He has the right qualities, especially his unique voice.
Beghe's voice is perfect for the character, but it wasn't always so rough. His voice is the result of a near-fatal car accident long before "Chicago P.D."
The actor always had a naturally deep voice, but that natural grumble was exacerbated in 1999 when the accident left him in a coma for three and a half weeks.
Beghe said, "[I] broke my neck, my back in a couple of places, all of my ribs, both of my lungs." His gruff voice is the result of him pulling out his life support tube.
The fact that this brush with death would help Beghe play his most famous role years down the line is a silver lining to an otherwise dire situation.