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Chicago Fire's
Eamonn Walker
Reveals How He
Slips Into Boden's
Eamonn Walker has been on "Chicago Fire" since the series’ start in 2012, and what most fans don't know is that his accent on the show isn’t what he really sounds like. Walker actually hails from London, and when talking to Assignment X, he disclosed his thoughts about acting with an accent, saying, "it's much more about building the character [...] rather than doing an accent."
Walker revealed, “When I first arrived [in America] in 1997 ... I was petrified that I had to do an American accent in front of Americans and working with Americans.” He later said that he no longer doubts his American accent, thanks to his work with various voice coaches in New York and Chicago.
Walker mentioned one of his voice coaches gave him tapes of actual Chicago fire chiefs as examples of how they speak on the job. The actor formed the basis of Wallace Boden’s vocals from a Black fire chief, and he noted that these days, “I can put him on like I'm putting on an old suit.”