Celebs React To Will Smith's Oscars Attack On Chris Rock


The 94th Academy Awards turned out to be a memorable night of firsts, laughs, and heartwarming speeches, but those moments were unfortunately overshadowed by Will Smith publicly attacking Chris Rock during the show. It created an awkward vibe throughout the rest of the show, and even celebs who weren’t at the show took to Twitter to react.

Moments after the Chris Rock and Will Smith incident occurred, the hashtag #whatjusthappened started trending on Twitter, and several celebrities chimed in with their thoughts. Comedian John Fugelsang took a light-hearted tone to the issue and said the two actors will kiss and make up in a new movie.

However, it was not all fun and lighthearted comments on Twitter, as others thought the issue was much more serious, with many saying Will Smith never should have gotten violent. Kathy Griffin wrote that Smith's move just made things dangerous for comedians, saying it was “bad practice to walk up on stage and physically assault a comedian,” although Smith did have a few defenders as well.