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Chicago Med As A
“Chicago Med” has proven itself to be a compelling addition to the medical procedural pantheon, but some fans of the genre may hesitate to watch it due to its ties to the “One Chicago” franchise. Here’s what you need to know about watching “Chicago Med” as a standalone series.
The beauty of the "One Chicago" shows is that they can be enjoyed on their own, meaning "Chicago Med" does not require you to dabble in the happenings of the Windy City's law enforcement and fire departments. While there will be some things you miss given the franchise's love of crossover events, these gaps are easy to work around.
“Chicago Med” contains only three true crossover episodes where a viewer could potentially miss out on pertinent information, and those episodes are small parts of the show’s expansive eight seasons. Those who only want to tune into "Chicago Med" should feel empowered to do so.