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Breaking Bad's 12
Most Brilliant
Plans Hatched
THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR the entire series of "Breaking Bad."


In season 3, Walt’s infamous meth RV almost gets him in trouble with his brother-in-law, Agent Hank Schrader. Hank nearly gathers incriminating evidence from the RV, but Walt successfully keeps his crimes hidden by using Saul Goodman to lure Hank away from the vehicle.
Luring Hank From The RV
Season 4 puts a strain on Walt’s relationship with Jesse, all the while Gus Fring continues to threaten the lives of Walt and his family. In order to take down Gus, Walt poisons a child and tells Jesse that Gus is responsible for the wrongdoing, reuniting the duo once more.
Walt Framing Gus
Even though Walt and Jesse got rid of Gus at the end of season 4, he still came back to haunt them. Police collected security footage of Walt and Jesse cooking meth for Gus, but Walt kept them from facing jail time by destroying the evidence with a giant magnet.
Destroying Evidence
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle and Jack Welker both served as antagonists throughout the series, and Walt finally finished them off in the series finale. Using his sharp wit, Walt poisoned Lydia with the Stevia, then killed Jack and his gang with a machine gun attached to a swiveling contraption he'd invented.
Killing Lydia And Jack
Walt finally eliminates Gus by enlisting the help of Hector Salamanca, who is seeking revenge on Gus for killing his family. Walt has Hector set a meeting with the DEA to provoke Gus into visiting him, then straps a bomb to Hector’s wheelchair, which detonates when Gus shows up.
Planting Hector’s Bomb