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JUNE 3: Portrait of American fantasy author Brandon Sanderson taken on June 3, 2011. (Photo by Will Ireland/SFX Magazine/Future via Getty Images)


Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere Has One Chance To Be Fantasy's MCU
Hollywood has yet to adapt Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere, an expansive, interconnected fantasy universe that has the potential to be a big live-action franchise just like the MCU.
Adapting Cosmere could be daunting, though, given its sheer scale — each of its many worlds has three different realms — and highly detailed magic systems known as Investiture.
One key to a successful franchise would be to reveal the magic systems gradually through the characters’ journeys and avoid big infodumps and expository scenes.
"The Stormlight Archive" series is the perfect place to get the Cosmere Cinematic Universe ball rolling, introducing audiences to the world of Roshar and characters like Kaladin.
The adaptation will also need to incorporate Worldhoppers like Hoid, who can serve as a unifying figure, bridging individual storylines and weaving a cohesive narrative tapestry.
Crossovers and proper endgame will be essential for the Cosmere Cinematic Universe, and although it has an overarching antagonist in Odium, it will need "Avengers"-style team-ups.