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Bono Had A
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The Simpsons
Behind all of the great "Simpsons" episodes that include musical guests, there are the real-life experiences that these stars had when recording. Some of the production experiences aren’t always pleasant for the guests themselves, particularly U2 lead singer Bono who had a rather unusual reaction to a comment from one of the show's staff members.
Bono appeared in Season 9, Episode 22 ("Trash of the Titans,") but as entertaining as the guest appearance was, the making of the scene was a bit different. In a recent interview, the voice of Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith recalled that the show's music director provoked Bono in a way that turned out to be a little over-revealing.
Smith explained, "Our music director was telling Bono, I'm not even kidding, you're a little pitchy." That critique led to a story in itself as she explained, "Bono turned around and he mooned him!" Besides the full-moon drama that took place in the recording booth, the episode turned out to be one of the more classic musical guest performances "The Simpsons" have ever collected.