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Blood Of Zeus
Season 2 - What
We Know So Far


Greek mythology continues to draw the fascination of modern society, and Netflix’s “Blood of Zeus” is no exception. An instant hit when it premiered in October 2020 the anime’s upcoming second season is set to expand upon many of the possibilities opened by its acclaimed first season.
Since the first season was released roughly a year and a half after it was announced in 2019, the second season of “Blood of Zeus” will likely be released this year. Of course, the impact of COVID-19 should be taken into account, and Powerhouse Animations (the company behind the show) may also be busy making the final season of “Castlevania.”
There hasn't been an announcement stating that any new voice actors will be added to the show, but fans should expect the return of all their first-season favorites. Though Zeus sacrificed himself to save Hera, his return (and the return of his voice actor Jason O’Mara) shouldn’t be out of the question.
According to the show's creators, Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, Season 2 will take full advantage of what's come before. While continuing the stories of Heron and Seraphim, it will also emphasize the dynamic between Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, going back to the time when the brothers divided the three realms of the world.
We already know that Hades and Poseidon will play much bigger roles in Season 2 after being relegated to glorified cameos the first time around. However, the current power vacuum on Mount Olympus could become a major center of conflict, and there is always the potential for Hera to make a dramatic comeback.