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Blade: Deacon Frost's Weird Vampire Power The MCU Will Probably Avoid
“Blade” villain Deacon Frost first appeared in “Tomb of Dracula” #13 and has the standard powers that come with the transformation, but he has one power that sets him apart.
When Frost bites his victims, they become doppelgangers of him instead of vampiric versions of themselves, creating a Frost army.
If Frost appears in the new MCU iteration of "Blade," don't expect his doppelganger powers to join him, as Marvel Studios prefers to take a more grounded, relatable approach.
These powers wouldn’t be believable in the MCU, and since they’ve already toned down comic book character versions' powers, it is likely they’ll do the same for “Blade.”
Either way, no one knows what to expect from “Blade” since it’s still in development hell, and the Writers Guild of America strike is not helping its progress. Still, we might be surprised.