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Lion King

"The Lion King" holds up today, but there are still a few gray areas in the movie, such as how Scar got his name. Whether Scar started calling himself by that name or others placed the name upon him derisively is equally unfortunate for the film's villain and only seems to foreshadow his unpleasant path.

Scar's Name

It's hard not to wonder what other animals who might be lions' prey think of the circle of life. After all, lions are at the top of the food chain; they live a life that could be seen as, in modern vernacular, entitled.

Circle Of Life

One wonders if other cubs, besides Simba and Nala, exist in the Pride Lands. Or is there a class system within the Pride Lands that separates other cubs from interacting with the young prince and his betrothed princess?

Other Cubs

While we briefly meet Nala's mother, Sarafina, we never see Nala's father. It's possible that Nala's dad conceived Nala with Sarafina and then left Pride Rock — or maybe it’s Mufasa, but we’d rather not open that can of worms.

Nala's Father

Following Mufasa's death, Simba runs away from his home, where Timon and Pumbaa find him. It's unclear how far Simba travels, nor is it mentioned how long it took him to get there; the voyage seems like it could be anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Simba Runs Away