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Better Call Saul's
Mark Margolis'
Favorite Part of
Playing Hector
In 2016, right at the beginning of Mark Margolis' run on "Better Call Saul," he spoke with AMC about what it was like to return to his "Breaking Bad" character for the prequel series. During the talk, the interviewer asked Margolis what his favorite part of playing Hector is — and Margolis had a difficult time picking only one thing.
Margolis began by explaining what he liked about the character — namely, the duality that Hector possesses. He said, "I loved being in the chair and not having the ability to speak, but [I also love] having a mind that works to show I'm still connected to what's coming at me."
Margolis also loved the company that the role allows for, he continued, "I love working with Vince Gilligan and the crew. They are just amazing. It's hard to pick one thing. In this case, I was thrilled about having an opportunity to work with Jonathan Banks."