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Since the original 1987 film, every Predator has done battle with a set of wrist blades, making them an iconic staple of the Predator's arsenal. They don't just maim and kill, they also help work just as effectively in skinning it and claiming a souvenir for the good ol' trophy wall back in the cozy cabin of the Predator ship.

Wrist blades

The shoulder cannon is an ultra-accurate firearm that targets and shoots a deadly explosive or plasma-like blast at the Predator's target. While used in previous films, “Prey" appears to be the only film where a shoulder cannon isn't used, as it likely doesn't exist yet in the Predator's arsenal.

Shoulder cannon

The spear is used on multiple occasions throughout Predator history, typically seen as a shorter shaft before extending into a full-length, battle-ready spear that the Predator carries around with ease. It first debuted in the 1990 sequel, “Predator 2,” and is traditionally referred to as a Combstick.


The disc seems to have a layer of advanced technology imbued in its design, as it can target hostile forces and even returns to the Predator after doing the deed. Like the spear, "Predator 2" is the first time this deadly frisbee is seen in the movie franchise and is later upgraded with blades sticking out of the sides.

Bladed disc

When detonated, this explosive device appears to have the same effect as a small tactical nuclear weapon. This devastating failsafe ensures the Predator vaporizes not just his own technology, but any living thing in the area — making these aliens nothing more than a mysterious legend to any culture that may have encountered them.

Explosive gauntlet