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Best Kids Shows
Of The 2000s
"LazyTown" debuted in 2004, and ran four seasons. Blending puppetry, CGI, and live action, the vibrant cast of characters capped off the light-hearted feel of the show, with the late Stefán Karl Stefánsson's portrayal of series antagonist Robbie Rotten being particularly beloved by fans.
50. LazyTown
Starring former “All That” castmember Jamie Lynn Spears, "Zoey 101" first aired in 2005 and was a hit during its entire three year run. The Nickelodeon show focused on the humorous day-to-day adventures of Zoey Brooks and her friends, who attended the fictional and prestigious Pacific Coast Academy.
49. Zoey 101
Despite widespread success in Japan, “Hamtaro” unfortunately never gained traction in the U.S,. even after six seasons and several films. Adapted from a manga series of the same name by the studio that produced films like the cult classic "Akira," "Hamtaro" was a Japanese slice of life cartoon starring the titular hamster character.
48. Hamtaro
Like most PBS shows, "Dragon Tales" focused on educating its younger viewers, showcasing lessons ranging from honesty and hard work to simple math and language skills. Siblings Max and Emmy, and later their next-door neighbor Enrique, used a magical dragon scale to travel to a whimsical realm inhabited entirely by dragons.
47. Dragon Tales
Created by Joe Murray in 2005, “Camp Lazlo” debuted on Cartoon Network and ran for five seasons. The show takes place at a summer camp hosting a diverse cast of eccentric animal campers and counselors whose adventures showcase the best of Murray’s signature unpredictable humor.
46. Camp Lazlo