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[May 2022]
This exhilarating coming-of-age story follows a group of teenagers trapped inside their school during a zombie outbreak. Every episode is more unpredictable and surprising than the last: Thrilling action sequences, intense gore, searing moral dilemmas, and immense grief are all on offer here.
“All of Us are Dead”
This award-winning crime drama follows seasoned cop Lee Dong-Sik, who gets paired up with privileged-but-capable junior detective Han Joo-won as they investigate a string of murders connected to the 20-year-old unsolved death of Dong-Sik's younger sister. Unlike other mystery dramas, "Beyond Evil" makes sure to cleverly answer all the questions it lays out.
“Beyond Evil”
Shin Ha-ri unknowingly goes on a blind date with her boss, Kang Tae-mo, after agreeing to a favor for a friend. A light-hearted story full of likable characters, "Business Proposal" is a stand-out production thanks to its perfect casting and consistent storytelling.
“Business Proposal”
Fans of "Squid Game" will enjoy seeing Lee Jung-jae portray the clever and cunning Jang Tae-joon in this political thriller. "Chief of Staff" offers viewers a look into the competitive and treacherous world of South Korean politics, from the point of view of an ambitious man who plans to disrupt the government's corruption system.
“Chief of Staff”
Gathering together some of South Korea's most well-known and respected veteran actors, "Dear My Friends" is a sentimental comedy-drama about long-time friends living out their golden years. This series offers a well-balanced mix of humor and pathos that capably tackles the existential crises, major realizations, and unexpected joys of seniority.
‘Dear My Friends”