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Alice's life is turned upside-down as she is transported to a strange land filled with singing flowers, a never-ending tea party, and a queen hellbent on cutting off her head. Alice is memorable for her "curiouser and curiouser" nature, which perfectly taps into the joy of creating imaginary scenarios.

60. Alice

Chernabog summons demons for a night of terror in an unforgettable sequence. One of the scariest Disney characters, there is talk of a live-action remake featuring the character, and, based on the impression he made in "Fantasia," more Chernabog can only be a good thing.

59. Chernabog

The kind-hearted bell-ringer of Notre Dame is gentle and compassionate to everyone he meets. Mistreated by the evil Frollo, it is difficult not to feel sorry for Quasimodo, and while his love for Esmeralda is unrequited, Quasimodo remains loyal and kind to her, and remains one of the more complex Disney characters.

58. Quasimodo

Kuzco’s arrogant and conceited behavior goes unchecked, however, he is forced to change his ways when he is turned into a llama. "The Emperor's New Groove" is easily one of the funniest Disney films, and charting Kuzco's journey to becoming a better person is hugely satisfying.

57. Kuzco

Mirabel is the only member of the magical Madrigal family not blessed with a gift and is left frustrated, trying to find her place. She ends up being hugely important to her family's story in “Encanto,” and Mirabel's journey is deeply relatable, since everyone has experienced the struggle of fitting in.

56. Mirabel