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Bel-Air Season
2 - What We
Know So Far
“Bel-Air,” the dramatic reimagining of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” born from a viral video, quickly rose to become the most successful original series on Peacock’s streaming service. Season 1 aired its finale on March 31, 2022, and Season 2 has been officially greenlit — here’s what we know so far.
Fans can expect the series to return in 2023, with the main cast expected to return. With no official release date, some speculate that Peacock may release the season on Superbowl Sunday 2023, like they did in 2022.
The plot for Season 2 has also yet to be released. However, show writer Rasheed Newson said in an interview, "This show is working on two levels. One: It is the coming-of-age story of Will, but it's also the emotional evolution of the Black family. So that's our kind of guiding light on those two fronts."