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Are Zendaya And
Hunter Schafer
From Euphoria
Friends In
Real Life?
Zendaya and Hunter Schafer’s characters on “Euphoria” have a tumultuous relationship, but the actresses seem to share great on-screen chemistry. The deep connection between the two characters on the show has led many fans to believe that the actresses might be good friends in real life, too.
Schafer confirmed the theory of the two being friends, saying they "formed a really special bond" while shooting Season 1, and she even gave Zendaya the nickname "Z." Zendaya too has spoken about their friendship, saying Schafer "has seen me in every form, the worst, the best, and vice versa.”
Despite having more acting experience, Zendaya is all praise for Schafer's work, saying, "She just took whatever pain she had, and she translated it into such a beautiful performance." The two also frequently show up on each other’s social media posts, and seem to be close friends as well as collaborators.