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Are Steve Martin
And Martin Short
From Only
Murders In The
Building Friends
In Real Life?
In "Only Murders in the Building," Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin) and Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) mainly annoy one another, making their relationship more companions than friends. So what of the actors' relationship behind these roles? Do Martin and Short also push each other's buttons or have they also forged a real bond?
Martin and Short first met in 1984, backstage at "The New Show," a prime-time version of "Saturday Night Live." They reconnected in 1986 while filming "Three Amigos!," along with Chevy Chase, and started spending time together to create the right chemistry for their onscreen performances.
Martin and Short starred together again in "Father of the Bride," and the sequel, "Father of the Bride II,” and continued socializing outside of work. While "Only Murders in the Building" looks for more mysteries to solve, the clues regarding their behind-the-scenes relationship point in only one direction: Martin and Short are clearly friends in real life.
In 2015, they began touring a variety show, a collaborative effort that still continues to this day. Both have spoken glowingly of each other in the press with Martin stating Short is "kind of the perfect person," while Short, revealed what he loves most about Martin is simply who he is, saying, "He's very moral, he's very loyal, very, very ethical. And this is beyond all that talent."