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It’s clear in “Game of Thrones” that Sansa and Arya are two very different sisters, leading to a rather violent disagreement. However, just because the two characters aren’t friendly with each other doesn’t mean the actresses, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, don’t get along.
When Turner and Williams did an interview on “Good Morning America,” they were asked about the matching tattoos on their forearms. The date, August 7, 2009, represents the day they were both cast in “Game of Thrones.”
The friends talked about Sansa and Arya’s reunion in the hit series, and Turner revealed, “I don’t think anyone liked it other than us,” and Williams confirmed the two of them spent a lot of time laughing and goofing off on set. The two remain as close as ever, and Williams was one of two maids of honor at Turner’s large wedding ceremony with Joe Jonas in France.