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Actor Jason Momoa and actress Amber Heard arrive for the Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' DCU film Aquaman


Aquaman: How Jason Momoa Behaved On Set According To Amber Heard
Known for roles in “Dune” and “See,” Jason Momoa starred as Aquaman with Amber Heard’s Mera in the DC film, showcasing their on-screen chemistry.
Amber Heard described Momoa as incredibly kind and fun on set, emphasizing that his heart and personality are as big as he is physically.
Momoa brought positive energy to the “Aquaman” set by frequently making the cast and crew laugh, earning him appreciation from his peers.
Heard highlighted Momoa’s insatiable sense of humor, stating that he is never satisfied unless he makes the people around him laugh.
Momoa’s lively on-set demeanor clashed with Heard’s preference for quiet and reading books, creating an interesting dynamic between them.
In an attempt to engage with Heard, Momoa would playfully steal her books, forcing her to pay attention to him and share in the laughter.