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If you're only familiar with the American or British versions of "The Office," you might be surprised to find out that the show's adaptability means that it has, indeed, already been adapted by a whole host of countries. There are versions of "The Office" in countries ranging from Poland and India to France (where it's called "Le Bureau") and Israel.
The latest country to take a mockumentary look at the exciting business of selling paper under a massively inept manager will be Saudi Arabia, where the MBC network has announced the Arabic-language version of the show, called "Al Maktab." Actor Saleh Abuamrh is set to portray the show's version of the Michael Scott character, called Malik Al-Tumaifi.
The series will make some interesting deviations from the versions of "The Office" that most people are familiar with because it moves the action from a traditional office setting into a courier company — but the show will still remain faithful to the original concept. The premiere season of "Al Maktab" has 20 episodes, and it'll start airing on Shahid VIP and MBC TV channels in 2022.