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Andor's Diego
Luna Thought
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Stunt Session
Anyone who joins a "Star Wars" project better brace themselves for some physicality and hard work to make the magic happen. Performing stunts and action sequences takes its toll on one's body, which is why many performers let body doubles stand in for them. For better or worse, though, Diego Luna isn't one of those actors … for the most part.
The 42-year-old actor, who's set to play the title character on the Disney+ series "Andor," was more than willing to risk his well-being for the series, that is, until he completed his first day of training. Luna was initially excited when he arrived at Pinewood Studios to practice stunts for "Andor," and was impressed with the training facilities at his disposal.
Unfortunately, Luna felt aches and pains all over his body after performing a few simple exercises the first day, causing him to worry about his future commitments to the series. "Every part of my body ached and I felt that I had gone into a battle," he recalled. The actor then accepted assistance for sequences his body couldn't cope with.