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Pickers' Mike
Wolfe Often
Battles Regret In
His Work
Viewers tuning into “American Pickers” have gotten to know Mike Wolfe quite well over the years, as he dug through garages, sheds, and more for potentially valuable lost pieces of history. Wolfe loves what he does, but the life of a picker can sometimes have disappointing sides that some don’t consider, and he regrets some things.
“American Pickers” is primarily about the pursuit of money, leaving Wolfe and the rest of the team wondering what an object is worth. What would one have to pay to restore it? How rare is it? However, despite his goal of wanting to make money off these objects, Wolfe wishes he could keep most of his finds and regrets letting some of them go.
“I love it all. That’s my problem. But that’s also a good thing too because then you’re able to buy more than just one thing. You’re not pigeonholed on what you buy,” explained Wolfe. In the end, Wolfe must do what’s best for his business, Antique Archaeology, though he occasionally brings things home with the guideline “If it’s at home, it has to be practical.”