American Horror Story Seasons Ranked From Worst To Best


9. Hotel

The fifth season of “AHS” saw Lady Gaga as the Countess, a scene-dominating character who sucks the blood out of humans at the Cortez Hotel. Gaga’s performance was praised, but critics and fans didn’t think the rest of the season matched it.

8. Cult

Season 7 is set in 2017, where residents of a Michigan suburb become terrorized by a cult, following Donald Trump’s election. There was very little escapism to be found here, especially since the show leaned more into realism than supernatural horror.

7. Roanoke

The sixth season saw acclaimed actress Lily Rabe playing Shelby Miller, who buys a farmhouse in Roanoke with her husband. The layered storytelling involves a reality show featuring fictional depictions of the Millers, which didn’t quite work for some viewers.

6. Apocalypse

Season 8 was undeniably the busiest season of “AHS,” as it included a nuclear apocalypse, characters from other seasons, voodoo, and time travel. There's an inherent excitement in mingling characters from various points in time, but it ultimately felt cluttered.

5. Murder House

The season that started it all, “Murder House” follows a family that moves into a Los Angeles home inhabited by restless spirits. Its dark nature and downright eerie vibe resonated with audiences and critics, and it remains a great starting point for the show.

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