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Chainsaw Man's
First Teaser Clip
The award-winning series “Chainsaw Man” has already captured the hearts of manga readers, and has now released a teaser clip for an upcoming anime. Season 1 is just around the corner, and Crunchyroll recently released the tracklist, confirming that each episode will have its own ending theme.
"Chainsaw Man" follows Denji, a poor boy who uses his pet devil Pochita to kill devils for the Yakuza and pay off his debts. After being killed by the Yakuza, Denji is made into Chainsaw Man by Pochita and goes on to join the Public Safety Devil Hunters.
The "Chainsaw Man" official Twitter page released a 15-second montage filled with quick clips from the anime's first episode to get fans excited for the premiere. The video closes out with clips of Chainsaw Man taking on the Zombie Devil, and the promise of bloody violence has fans excited for the premiere of Episode 1 on October 11.