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Brad Pitt has somewhat succeeded in taking the focus off his chiseled cheekbones and jawline by using them to always eat something in a movie. The actor is fully aware that the audience is on to him and stated in an interview, “I'm a grazer by nature."
Brad Pitt
Audiences noticed that Stewart tends to bring the same "awkward" persona to many of her roles, which include habits like gasping or sighing in the middle of a scene, nervously running her hand through her hair, and opening and closing her mouth for no reason. However, lately, Stewart seems to have broken some of these habits.
Kristen Stewart
Tom Cruise continues to craft breathtaking fight and chase sequences in his movies, from the "Mission: Impossible" franchise to the "Top Gun: Maverick." But the "Tom Cruise running" scene has also become an enduring part of his movies and his running stance has been copied and parodied countless times.
Tom Cruise
Few supporting actors have managed to create as memorable a legacy of roles as Samuel L. Jackson. From "Pulp Fiction" to the MCU, the actor has played a number of noteworthy characters, who all have one thing in common: They are hardened no-nonsense dudes, who will always tell you the honest truth with liberal doses of swearing.
Samuel L. Jackson
Few leading actors have had as distinguished a career as Tom Hanks. But whether he is telling John F. Kennedy he needs to take a leak in "Forrest Gump," or letting his bladder loose in space in "Apollo 13," Hanks seems to always find a way to make the call of nature a part of his characters' journey.
Tom Hanks