Actors Whose Careers Were Ruined By One Role


Elizabeth Berkley

After Elizabeth Berkley played Jessie Spano on “Saved By The Bell,” she landed the lead role in “Showgirls” — the only NC-17 movie ever widely released. The film was a critical and commercial flop, earning Berkley Razzies for "Worst Actress" and "Worst New Star," which effectively ended her movie career.

John Travolta

John Travolta's story is one of multiple comebacks, but even a notable resurgence in the '90s couldn’t save him from the supreme failure of “Battlefield Earth.” Branded one of the worst movies ever made, this L. Ron Hubbard adaptation hurt Travolta’s career so badly that he's never been able to rebound.

Tom Green

Tom Green was considered the next big thing after “The Tom Green Show” became a massive hit for MTV, and 20th Century Fox offered him the chance to write, direct and star in his own film. 2001’s “Freddy Got Fingered” debuted to critical scorn, was a bitter box office disappointment, and extinguished his rising star.

Mike Myers

Mike Myers had a successful run of '90s and 2000s hits that netted billions of dollars and made him one of the biggest stars on the planet, but all of his successes were overshadowed by the colossal failure that was “The Love Guru.” Myers took home a Razzie for his efforts and has yet to return to his former glory.

Geena Davis

Geena Davis won an Oscar in 1989 and starred in box office gold like “Beetlejuice” and “A League of Their Own,” but that all changed when Davis starred in “Cutthroat Island,” which cost $98 million to make but earned only $10 million. While Davis has had some success with TV roles, her film career never recovered.

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