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Actors Who Were
Almost Cast
As X-Men
Rachael Leigh Cook was intended to play Rogue and would’ve had the part if she wanted it. Cook turned the role down because she felt “X-Men” didn’t have a big enough budget to complement the script, and was worried the movie would fail.
Rachael Leigh Cook
Kevin Nash was one of the many potential actors considered for the part of Sabretooth but wound up losing the role to his wrestling partner Tyler Mane. Nash still got the opportunity to be part of a Marvel project, though, and played a villain in “The Punisher” a few years later.
Kevin Nash
Ethan Embry was considered for the role of Nightcrawler when Alan Cumming was tied up with a previously signed contract for the “Zero Effect” TV pilot. Had the pilot been green-lit for a series, Cumming would’ve had to film the show, and Embry likely would’ve had the part instead.
Ethan Embry
Both Terence Stamp and Michael Jackson were eyeing the part of Professor X in the “X-Men” movies, and Jackson supposedly tried to buy Marvel to guarantee himself the role. Stamp stuck to traditional methods and auditioned for the part, which was eventually given to Patrick Stewart.
Stamp & Jackson
Filmmakers wanted Sigourney Weaver to play Emma Frost in “X-Men 3” before the character was written out of the script. Alice Eve was supposedly offered the part of Emma in “X-Men: First Class,” but she turned down the role over script change disagreements.
Weaver & Eve