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Martin Scorsese
Jolie was heavily pursued for a major role in “The Aviator.” In an interview almost two decades later, Jolie revealed that she refused to star in this Scorsese movie because it was being produced by Harvey Weinstein who, at the time, was well known in Hollywood whispers for being dangerous.
Angelina Jolie
Hoffman was offered the chance to play "Taxi Driver" protagonist Travis Bickle. Hoffman was not familiar with Scorsese’s work and when he met with the director Hoffman found his manic energy to be a bit "crazy" and immediately turned down the gig. (A decision he now regrets.)
Dustin Hoffman
In a 2017 interview, Pfeiffer mentioned "Casino" when talking about the various movie roles she turned down in her career. She didn't offer more details about what made her turn down the chance to work with Scorsese and play the lead role of Ginger, which ended up going to Sharon Stone.
Michelle Pfeiffer
Ford passed on “Cape Fear” because he was only interested if he could subvert his traditional silver screen image of being a reliable hero by playing the film's antagonist. With De Niro unwilling to switch parts to play the straight-laced lawyer, Ford opted to not be a part of the movie altogether.
Harrison Ford
The collaboration of Madonna and Scorsese was once set to occur on the feature "Goodfellas," with Madonna being eyeballed for the role of Karen Hill. She passed on the offer, for reasons unknown, but it would be tough to find any fans who'd say the movie is worse for having Lorraine Bracco instead of Madonna.