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Blamed Co-Stars
For Their Movie
Julia Roberts starred alongside Nick Nolte in the 1994 rom-com “I Love Trouble,” and the two were less than happy about being co-stars. Roberts told The New York Times that Nolte “seems to go out of his way to repel people” and her acting suffered because of it.
Julia Roberts
James Deen butted heads with film director Paul Schrader while filming “The Canyons,” according to a New York Times article. The article reported that Deen lashed out at Schrader because his co-star, Lindsay Lohan, was extremely unprofessional on set.
James Deen
Patton Oswalt told the AV Club that his “Blade: Trinity” co-star, Wesley Snipes, made filming difficult after fighting with the film’s director. Oswalt also revealed Snipes “wouldn’t come out of his trailer, and he would smoke weed all day,” which added to the chaos.
Patton Oswalt
Chevy Chase told New York Magazine that “Nothing But Trouble” was a career-ending film. Chase implied Dan Aykrod, who served as writer and director for the film, was to blame for the movie’s flop, since the creative vision behind the project primarily belonged to him.
Chevy Chase
Mickey Rourke gave conflicting opinions about working with Megan Fox in “Passion Play.” He first praised her performance to EOnline, but later hinted to Vulture that Fox was the reason the film wasn’t met with more success.
Mickey Rourke