A Favorite National Treasure Character Is Returning For The Disney+ Series

Fans of the “National Treasure” movies are eagerly awaiting the third film, as well as the Disney+ spinoff series. As the latter continues filming, fans have gotten welcome news that a fan favorite from the two movies will appear in the streaming show in a guest capacity.
Justin Bartha will be returning to the franchise as Riley Poole. Fans loved Riley, who accompanied Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) on his treasure hunting trips along with Dr. Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger), for his outgoing personality and quick quips.
The still unnamed Disney+ spin-off will carry on the legacy of the first two “National Treasure” films with a brand new cast and adventure. Lisette Alex stars as Jess, who is trying to find out more about her family’s past and recover a lost Pan-American treasure, and she will be joined by a cast that includes Catherine Zeta-Jones, Antonio Cipriano, and Zuri Reed.