52% Of Bridgerton Fans Agree This Is The Worst Character


On March 25th, Netflix released the first episode for the second season of “Bridgerton." Fans love how the characters combine behaviors suitable to the 1800s English setting with modern attitudes, but there is one character that the majority seem to dislike.

In the official “Bridgerton” subreddit, one user made a poll with six character options in a thread titled “Worst character?” Marina Thompson came in first place with 275 votes, which was 52% of the total votes and more than twice the votes that second-place Anthony Bridgerton received.

While Marina isn’t confirmed to be a part of Season 2, the actress had teased the possibility of a comeback in a recent interview. Detractors and fans alike will just have to keep watching Season 2 to see if there will be any insight about Marina's fate.