365 Days: This Day -What We Know So Far

Netflix's erotic drama "365 Days" about Sicilian mobster Massimo Torricelli, who kidnaps a Polish woman named Laura Biel in hopes she'll fall for him, was a big hit for the streaming service. As a result, Netflix will produce two sequels following the book series events by author Blanka Lipińska; the first will be titled "365 Days: This Day."
The author states that the series is about "how we can be naive, blind, how much we love, how we learn from our mistakes and how we have an opportunity to correct them." Sieklucka promised that "this installment goes much deeper and tells us more about the relationship between the lovers."
The sequel will also introduce some entirely new characters to shake up Laura and Massimo's lives; a new cast member: Simone Susinna, will portray Nacho, who attempts to court Laura's affection. Massimo's family will also factor into the film, but the additional cast members have not been announced.
Netflix has also premiered a full-length trailer, currently available through its YouTube channel. Subscribers can witness the next chapter in Laura and Massimo's romance when "365 Days: This Day" premieres on April 27.