32% Of Yellowstone Fans Agree On The 2 Least Likable Characters


Over the years, “Yellowstone” has gifted viewers with numerous storylines and characters over the past four seasons, but not all of them are beloved. We polled nearly 600 Looper readers and they have crowned these two characters as the least likable.

16.55% of your reader chose Chief Rainwater who has served as the main antagonist to John Dutton, although Season 4 saw the two of them team up against Ellis Steele. Rip received 16.22% of the vote, who often butts heads with the youngest Dutton, which could be why a lot of people don't like him.

The next closest in our poll was Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) with 12.50% of those surveyed saying they weren't too crazy about her, either. However, most "Yellowstone" fans still appreciate and enjoy watching actors Cole Hauser and Gil Birmingham do their thing.