25 Best Cartoon Network Shows Of All Time Ranked


Johnny Bravo

While the series may be one of the network’s early efforts that worked, it hasn't aged very well. However, the show’s vivid, fun animation and playful ways of drawing humans make "Johnny Bravo" still worth watching today.

Total Drama Island

The high-stakes, weekly episode format of "Drama" sets the series apart from other cartoons immediately. Between the relationship drama, the eliminations, and the silly challenges, the show engages viewers and continues to be fondly remembered.

The Looney Tunes Show

The iconic WB characters are back, but this time they're millennials. This self-contained iteration takes a satirical jab at the classic slapstick jokes and leans into fully-aware, self-referential humor. As far as reboots go, it's a good one.

Sym-bionic Titan

"Sym-bionic Titan" is a vastly underrated Cartoon Network program that has dynamic writing, wonderful character development, and great gags. Unfortunately, it only lasted 20-episodes, cutting short a lot of potential.

Foster's Home

“Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends” has a wonderful premise with a diverse group of characters that fosters unbridled creativity and artistic variety. The brightly-colored show is also visually stunning and often feels downright cinematic.

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