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23% Of Rick And
Morty Fans
Crowned This
Classic Episode As
The Series' Best
Adult animated series "Rick And Morty" has proven to be a resounding success, having been nominated for 33 awards and winning 18, in addition to leagues upon leagues of rabid fans. Recently, Looper asked fans of the show which episode is the best thus far — and there was definitely a clear winner.
Our survey contained seven different choices, including ​​"The Rickshank Redemption" and "Mort Dinner Rick Andre," and after 616 responses, one episode rose to the top with 22.89% of the vote. Coming as no surprise to anyone, the winner of our poll was "Pickle Rick," which is the third episode of Season 3.
During a roundtable discussion with Screen Rant, co-creator Justin Roiland commented on the popularity of "Pickle Rick," saying, "we never thought 'Pickle Rick' was gonna be some huge, jump out thing. I swear to god." Pickle Rick continues to be one of the fandom's most infamous memes that has spawned merchandise galore.