20 Shows Like Virgin River To Binge While You Wait For Next Season


Netflix’s “Maid” is about Alex Russell, a young mother who runs away from an abusive relationship and takes a cleaning job in a wealthy Seattle home. It shows the endless loops that Russell goes through amidst poverty to receive government benefits like subsidized housing.


“Anne With an E” is Netflix’s update on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic book "Anne of Green Gables." The content is more mature and the color palette is darker than the 1992 miniseries, which makes Anne’s optimism, intelligence, and dramatic flair shine brighter.

Anne With An E

This BBC series is about British midwives during the post-WWII baby boom and how those times were especially harsh to young mothers. Now in its 11th season, the show has tackled serious themes like domestic violence, LGBTQ rights, sexual assault, and abortion.

Call The Midwife

Known especially for its rapid, reference-heavy dialogue, “Gilmore Girls” centers around young mom Lorelai and her precocious daughter Rory, who are more best friends than parent and child. After 154 episodes on the WB and the CW, it returned to Netflix in the sequel series "A Year in the Life."

Gilmore Girls

ABC’s long-running fantasy series incorporated characters from fairy tales, Greek mythology, and Victorian literature. In the later seasons, it also drew from the vault of its Disney parent company, including the worlds of “Aladdin," "Mulan," and "Frozen.”

Once Upon A Time